Watch Dogs Legion Serial Key Free

Watch Dogs Legion Serial Key

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We are here not only to gets you watch dogs legion serial key of all platforms but also gives you a detailed review on the game.

Watch Dogs Legion Serial Key

About this Game

  • Recruit and play as anyone from London. Everyone you see has a unique backstory, personality, and skill set for unique situations
  • Hack armed drones, deploy spider-bots and take down enemies using an Augmented Reality Cloak
  • Explore a massive urban open world featuring London’s many iconic landmarks and fun side activities
  • Team up with your friends as you complete co-op missions and unique game modes
  • Upgrade to the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition for access to the season pass and more


If you can see yourself obsessing over building the perfect team and trying out different tactics in the combat arenas you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s not perfect, it’s kind of shallow, but I am giving it a pass because I’ve never been able to do what this game offers in any other game before.

It’s a unique and refreshing experience, but only if it clicks with you. If we ever get another sequel the template for something truly special is here. I hope it happens, but I don’t have a lot of faith in gamers giving it a shot. It’s weird and you have to make your own fun sometimes. I am, despite it’s problems, having a ton of fun messing around in Legion. Is it a 10/10 experience? For me, it is, actually. I’m already 20 hours in and it’s been three days. Finding new characters to recruit and then trying them out is a new kind of addiction and I’m all in for it.


It worth buying even it if it comes under the expensive game category. Although you can opt for our method to download watch dogs legion serial key for zero cost.

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