Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass Code Download

Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass

Grab the Watch Dogs legion season pass code for PS4, PC, and Xbox ONE by reading the instructions given here.

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We are here not only to gets you watch dogs legion season pass code but also gives you a detailed review on the content

Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass

About this Content

The Season Pass contains a new Single Player Campaign featuring the legendary hacker T-Bone as a new playable character, 3 additional missions for the main game, 3 new weapons, and 5 additional skins. It also includes a new mind-bending game mode in which cyborgs are invading Chicago. Track them and take them down!

In a world led by technology, hacking is our weapon.


You will get a lot of additional stuff with this And therefore we are recommending it. It’s really good. Even though we hated the conspiracy DLC, that one is awful. But that is basically the only bad DLC in here
It’s definitely worth purchasing now.

Watch Dogs Legion Game Review

Watch Dogs: Legion is a great addition to the series and thus far I have been enjoying it thoroughly.

Downsides: The biggest downsides to Legion are game design choices that don’t seem to make much sense (at least to me). For example, London in the game is just a few boroughs that colloquially constitute the city – the most central part that ends with Camden Town up North. Also, everyone in game speaks like a geezer while in reality London has a very wide gamut of accents. It is considerably, remarkably less homogenous. Moreover, the city itself isn’t very vibrant in game. It’s neon and colourful, but the different areas feel the same, unlike with the real thing. On the flipside, many areas are recognizable and I think the key elements of them are there. It just doesn’t feel like London overall – that sense has not been captured. Not in the same way that San Francisco felt like San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2.


It worth buying even it if it is a little bit expensive. Although you can opt for our method to download watch dogs legion season pass code for zero cost.

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